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Marketing Campaign

Fitness-Related Article Sparks a Whopping 55% Increase in Web Traffic

Associated Content, an aggregated content advertising Web site, needed more Web Traffic.  However, they did not know where to turn to increase traffic.

Their troubles stemmed from redundant articles and mundane Web content.  They lacked eye-catching articles to boost their advertising.  This in itself presented a huge challenge for the site.  Their Web traffic at the time was at an all-time low, and Associated Content was unsure as to where to turn next.

As a copywriter and fitness specialist, who was familiar with the site, Gabriel Rivera sensed that Associated Content needed more health-related topics.  Gabe contacted the appropriate department and got permission to write a fitness article.  He knew that fitness articles were prolific on the Web.  Gabriel needed to create content that was better than what was out there to increase traffic. He decided to focus his article on the benefits of strength training.

Gabe used an innovative strategy by writing how strength training was the “cream of the crop” of fitness. In the past few decades, it wasn’t as common for women to weight train regularly. The public thought of weight training focused on men and bulging muscles.   He took a risk and was unsure of how Associated Content’s female viewers would react.   At the time of the article, weight training in women was just starting to increase.  Since it was a new development, Gabriel felt it could bolster traffic for Associated Content.  Like a fashion trend, he felt that if something hot hit the market, it could sell like a “hot potato.”  He inspiringly made countless cold calls all across the country.  Gabriel contacted prominent names in the fitness world for the purpose of asking for interviews.

The strategy paid off because Gabe was not intimidated by contacting well-known people in the fitness industry.  He wasn’t afraid to take chances, and he was able to capture the interviews.

These high-profile names helped Gabe achieve the goal of attracting many visitors to the Web site.   The result couldn’t have been clear enough.   In fact, according to Associated Content, Gabriel’s article increased traffic by a whopping 55% over a two-month period.  Mission Accomplished!

Natural Health, Alternative Health and Sports Nutrition Copywriting

Sales Letters for Fitness Giant Leads to a 20% Response Rate

Located in Southwest Houston, Bally’s Total Fitness struggled to keep its doors open for business.  Selling memberships and personal training services became a challenge at this impoverished section of Houston.  This fitness chain was also lacking the appropriate staff to fit the needs of the current membership population.  With this in mind, Bally’s had seen an 8% decrease in sales in the last year.

As a copywriter, and recently certified personal trainer, Gabe decided to form a strategic plan to bring in new members.  He was bilingual and knew that over 90% of Bally’s members were Spanish-speaking.  Gabriel kept this in mind as he was preparing his marketing arsenal.  Due to the lack of Spanish-speaking staff, Gabe realized this was a problem he needed to solve.

He felt it was a golden opportunity to have a meeting with the area’s marketing director.  In the meeting, they discussed hiring new staff that could speak Spanish.  In the end, Gabriel convinced Marc Ducote, Bally’s marketing director, to hire new Spanish-speaking staff.

In his next tactic, Gabe would form a marketing campaign that included writing sales letters.  Since he was also a copywriter, he took pride in writing sales material.  Gabriel wrote his letters in both English and in Spanish.  Gabe did this in hopes of forming a connection with his potential clients.

Because of Gabriel’s efforts, many around the Houston neighborhood began to recognize the importance of health & fitness. During his first month, he sent out 100 sales letters and had a 20% response rate to join the gym.

Thus, in the first month of marketing, Gabriel alone brought in $2,800 for Bally’s Total Fitness and helped ignite enrollment drastically.  Of course, since this was a membership business, the total ROI for this campaign was much higher.

Natural Health, Alternative Health and Sports Nutrition Copywriting

Unique Concepts Helps Disadvantage Children Achieve and Win

With its dropout rate of 8.6%, Falfurrias High School was in dire need of changing its environment. The lack of vigor became an epidemic throughout the school.  These disadvantage children did not have much to look forward to as they walked the halls on a daily basis.  With many home problems, these children needed something they could value.

Gabriel Rivera, a teacher at Falfurrias High School, felt that an incentive program for students would serve well for the school. Gabe really pondered the possibility of such a program. He thought about ways he could improve student self-esteem and character. Then a “light bulb” went on and he decided to start an incentive program.

This program would reward students for their behavior and academic achievement.  He would call this incentive program “Jersey of the Week.”  The word “Jersey” is the school’s mascot, and Gabriel felt that the name would be ideal.

They were given a certificate of achievement and awarded coupons by merchants around town.  These coupons were free meals to local fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King.  In addition, Gabe contacted the local newspaper and explained the incentive program to the editor.  He did this because he wanted to include a photo of the winners each week in the newspaper.

Due to his love for children, he was able to revitalize the school and keep the children eager to achieve their goals. He also managed to improve self-esteem of the student body.   By mid-semester, student attendance had increased by 15%.  Plus, he was able to give out 350 coupons and $300 worth of merchant prizes. Though many school staff members were skeptical at first, Gabriel’s program was a success in the eyes of many–especially the children.

Natural Health, Alternative Health and Sports Nutrition Copywriting


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